Triggers, Traps & Trout
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    Asheville Practical Shooting Association (APSA)
    North Carolina's first USPSA Club

    "Promoting safe shooting sports and our second amendment
    right to keep and bear arms."

    Monthly Matches
    Competitions are held on the second Saturday  - depending on weather conditions - here at the
    Triggers, Traps & Trout Range in Green Mountain, NC. Spectators are welcome but please
    register with the Range Safety Officer when you arrive. The competition begins at 9 am and runs
    until about 2 pm - join us for a 'Dutch' lunch following the event. For more information, call
    828.231.9487 or email

    3-Gun Matches
    3-Gun Matches are held Quarterly; call 828-231-9487 for dates and information.