Frequently Asked Questions

- What should I bring to the shooting range?
    Shells (71/2 - 9 size shot
    Shell bag
    Choke tubes if you have them
    Eye and ear protection
    Dress for the weather

  - What size shot do you recommend?
    7 1/2 - 9 size lead shot

  - What choke do you recommend?
    Most of our clients use an improved choke; if you
    have a variety of chokes, bring them.

  - How many people can shoot at one time?
    One to six. The number of people shooting at one
    time depends on the safety of the shooters and
    everyone on the property. We can throw up to 8
    targets at one time. Target presentations and
    numbers are solely at the discretion of your group.
    We will try to make sure that the targets and
    presentations are what you want. We really enjoy
    seeing a competitive spirit on the range but please
    remember that gun safety is first and foremost

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